We believe that having shared business values with our partners is one of the reasons customers want to do repeat business with us. They share our belief that how we do business is as important as what business is as important as what business we do. For this reason in the conduct of our day-to-day business we always seek to demonstrate respect, courtesy and consideration for each INDIVIDUAL or organization.


TTS aims to be recognized as a centre of excellence for further education, training and enterprise. We will fulfill our mandate by providing professional and efficient services with honesty and integrity in a manner accessible and acceptable to all. TTS therefore will uphold and protect the fundamental rights of customers through impartial, respectful, transparent and accountable conduct at all times befitting the ethos of the education profession.


To be recognised as the market leader in the services we offer. To continue to develop our resources, skills and our expertise. To enhance the professionalism and the operation of our services. To assist government in the creation of jobs and maintenance of a sustainable economy through Black Empowerment, skills development, career guidance and other business projects by ensuring the effective development and upliftment of the previously disadvantaged individuals within the framework of the law and company policies, and managing this operation in a cost effective manner whilst observing the constitutional rights of individual.